Welcome to the atelier for Art And Consciousness

take a deep dive into the limitless world of your creative genius

I am happy to assist and support your creative endeavours


atelier melli 8

Within close reach of Thun on lofty 1000 meters above sea level, offering stunning views to the far away jurassic mountains lies the atelier melli 8. The closeness to nature and the calm and spacious atelier in a former carpentry invite us to dive deeply into our creative expressions, allowing us to experiment with painting, collage and sculpture.


art for the soul

To foster the unfolding of our creative expressions by means of the visual arts lies at the core of what the atelier has to offer.


It is my hearts desire to support each and everyone to channel their individual creative gifts into one of a kind artistic expressions.


The ongoing open atelier offers individualized support at your convenience and an additional program with special workshops is in the pipeline.


silvia summer

Versatility has become the trademark of my professional, cultural and spiritual journey. The richness of my life's experiences have lead to an ever deepening understanding of the creative process. I feel happy and blessed to offer the fruit of my inner and outer work to all who have an interest in exploring and strengthening their inherent creative genius.


Instructor Continued Education

Schule für Gestaltung Bern und Biel, Bern

MA Art Education

Hochschule für Gestaltung, Basel

Diploma Art Therapy

ITP, Bern

our inherent creativity connects us directly with the immeasurable ingenuity of our universe